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Mostly Settled

Greetings from John at Klassen Renovations. We have been in Peterborough just over six months now and loving it. Our first order of business back in July of 2021, was to create an apartment in the lower half of our house. That was six weeks of hard slugging. We almost got finished before the kids moved in, so close. As you might recall from my last post, I mentioned that we would be living with my daughter and her husband. Well, we are now sharing a house and we couldn’t be happier. I added lots of sound proofing between floors so we hardly hear each other making noise. We have also been able to see our other daughters more in the last six months than in the previous year.

Business is starting to pick up quite nicely as well. Moving a business is a little tricky, especially when it is over two hours from where we used to work. Thank goodness for a website that works well. I would say the hardest part of moving a business is reestablishing suppliers, trades and the like. It has actually made me realize how good I had it where I was before. I had the best suppliers and trades all at my fingertips. Well, I have been working hard at building all that up again. I have some pretty great trades and suppliers that I have connected with. Getting totally connected will be an ongoing issue of course. I just have to remember that there is joy in the journey, and truly there is, if I just choose to see it. I can be so focused on the issues that I forget to find the joy along the way. It all comes down to a choice. Until next time, God bless.

John Klassen